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A Long Way Home's controls are pretty simple. You move using the arrow keys, jump using the space bar, and use enter to close any dialog boxes. On touch devices you will use the onscreen buttons to move and jump. If you happen to be playing on the Fire TV, your game controller's D-Pad will control movement.

To bring up the pause menu, you can hit Escape or M. On touch devices you hit the pause button, and on the Fire TV hit start. On the pause menu you have 3 options. Reset the current level, resume the current level, or quit to the main menu. Resetting the current level will reset your original postion and any dark matter you have collected, but it will not reset the dialog (if there was any), allowing you to get right back into the action.

As you play the game your progress will be automatically saved. Every time you hit the play button it will bring you to the last level you reached. If you wish to go back and replay a previous level, click on the Levels button on the main menu and select the stage / level you want to play.


movement - arrow keys

jump - space

action - enter

pause - m (restart, resume, exit buttons)

Important Stuff

Normal Asteroid

This is a normal asteroid. By timing your jumps you can move around the game collecting dark matter.

'Dusty' Asteroid

This asteroid is really just a shell of dust. As you jump off of one, it disintegrates, leaving nothing behind.

'Sticky' Asteroid

This is a sticky asteroid, it's coated in some sort of intergalatic glue that will eventually grab you permantly. You can jump 5 times before this happens.

Explosive Asteroid

This asteroid is extremely unstable. You have 5 seconds from the time you land to jump before they explode.

Asteroid Fields

Asteroid fields are filled with razor sharp rocks that will slice up your suit instantly.

Worm Hole

Your personal gateway to another location. Gather enough gateway and your computer will automatically open a wormhole.

Dark Matter

This is what you need to survie. Collecting 3 shards will allow you to power up your worm hole generator and make another jump

There are many other obstacles in your way. This journey will not be easy.

Good luck, it's a long way home

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